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Who says the future is unpredictable?

About Us

Astro-Nuenen is a venture started by Dr. Kartikeya Mishra (PhD. applied Physics). It is a modern insight into the pristine knowledge. Being an avid reader, he discovered astrology can not only illuminate our future but can also guard us against the whims of destiny by being better prepared for the unsavoury times. It can provide us the guidance to redress our problems by making changes in our daily life. More importantly, it helps us to discover who we are – our fortes, our vulnerabilities and how to overcome them. In nutshell, it lays bare before us the idiosyncrasies of our personality and can help us at chart a better life-path adapted to our character and innate nature. However, always remember Astrology is only a lamppost, but it is you, an individual who has to make the change.


Birth chart reading

Comprehensive birth-chart reading – A glimpse into the past and prognosis about the future. This includes full horoscope analysis featuring on different aspects of life, focussing on strengths and weaknesses.

Life predictions

Predictions and analysis of particular defining moments of one’s life with special focus on Karmic sorting. Addressing past karmic issues so the one can efficiently cope up with the future.

Specialized queries

Questions related to job, relationships, profession, education counselling, etc. focussing on very specific domains of life.

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(31) 61 966 9887
Nuenen, Netherlands

KVK number – 86476807

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