Kartikeya is too good in his analysis. Goes a step forward to check the possibilities from all angles. And also shares the feedback in a subtle way which is receptive enough for his clients.
His future predictions or the past analysis are accurate! I have experienced it myself.

Shweta M
27 May 2022

“In this consult there were so many topics that were not only recognizable, but also put in a bigger view of karma, parent issues that still work through and live events which make a similar pattern that is revealed. It is more than astrology; it is a way of a deeper knowledge that makes a visit to Dr. Mishra worthwhile.”

Astrid Eijgenberger
7 November 2022

“I don’t think you have to improve. It was a good session. It’s life changing fore us. Thank you for this experience.”

Nancy and Yorick
19 April 2022

“I never got my Kundali checked (not even when I got married) as I always thought that most of the predictions made are very generic and could be applicable to anyone during any lifespan. But when I came to know about “AstroNunen” and predictions made by Kartikeya for my friends, I was quiet surprised. They were very accurate and very unique. Thus, I gave my details to Kartikeya but still with not much hopes of any relevant prediction. But I was totally wrong. 90% of the predictions/ incidents told by Kartikeya about me and my family were correct. He could tell me some events of my childhood which I think no one knows of except for my parents. Further, some of the major changes in my recent past were also predicted correctly. The best part is that he can guide me through the things which I need to improve and gave me very good suggestions for further improvement. It was a very constructive and fruitful session. It is very important that we hear the raw truth, free from any sugar-coating which he did very professionally. Thank you very much and keep spreading joy !”

– Naveen Vashistha
19 Nov 2021

“It was very detailed, and very clear. The session lasted over an hour, and much information was shared. I recognized a lot of what the charts said, and there where even predictions about me, from which I never thought he could know. I really recommend it.”

– Sander Storms
20 Jan 2022

“Kartikeya made my birth chart and his readings were highly accurate. He was able to tell quite some details about my immediate and extended family members/ relatives. Some of these details were unknown even to me and I had to ask my mother for confirmation. These confirmations of facts built my confidence in him. Then, he read my chart to predict my health, career, family situation in the coming year. As a professional, Kartikeya is highly approachable, friendly, sensitive to the socio-cultural backgrounds of the client, chooses his words wisely, and is passionate about this work. I am a very satisfied client and will return.”

– Yamini Jain
7 Jan 2022

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